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Moog Music Analog Delay

Moog Music Analog Delay - Image principale
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Moog Music Analog Delay - Image principale
Moog Music Analog Delay - Image n°2

Caractéristiques Analog Delay

L'Analog Delay de Moog Music est le premier delay au monde conçu au format Rack 500.
Il s'agit d'un module 100% analogique et synchronisable en MIDI !

Caractéristiques :

• Balanced line level via 500 rack. +19dBµ to -11dBµ

• Input Impedance: 1MΩ Differential or single ended, common Mode 48KΩ.

• Output Impedance: Nominally 50Ω differential 25Ω single ended.

• Max. Output Level: Better than +22dBµ, balanced.

• Drive Gain: 30dB Range of control

• Output Gain: 30dB Range of control

• Frequency Response: Better than +/-0.5dB 20Hz – 20KHz pass band. Better than +/- 1.5dB 5Hz – 24KHz pass band.

• Bypass: Hard Relay True Bypass

• Power Consumption: 130mA +16V, <60mA -16V

• Four NOS Panasonic Low Noise High Voltage BBDs

• Premium "esoteric" TI/Burr Brown OPA1644 Op amps used throughout the analog signal path.

• Premium "Metallized Polyphenylene-Sulphide Film capacitors in the filter section.

• 2 Dual High quality Moog 6th order filters for anti alias and clock removal functions

• Premium THAT high CMRR front end with Servo DC Nulling.

• Premium THAT cross coupled differential drive output stage.

• Ultra fast, low noise linear power supply regulators for the lowest noise possible in an analog delay.

• Premium audiophile grade op amp upgrades though out for the lowest distortion and noise possible.

• Upgraded High speed Low noise op amp upgrades for all CV and control sections.

• Upgrades to the capacitors in all key sonic points to reduce microphonics, noise and improve sonic quality.

• 2.5 - 3.5 times the sonic headroom and rails in the audio signal path.

• Premium differential input and output sections utilizing DC servo modified THAT Corporation receivers and transmitters. (THAT In Genius 1200 Transformer simulating reviever with Moog designed DC servo offset removing, featuring over 1M input impedance and very high common mode rejection ratio, THAT Corp OutSmarts 1646 Balanced Line Driver for balanced transformer like floating outputs).

• Ultra Low noise and fast transient response linear regulators and voltage isolation networks.

• Complete design re-visitation with many small tweaks and adjustments to significantly open the sonic filed, warmth, lower noise and improve the sonic quality.

• True relay hard bypass.

• Low noise and low distortion gain and mixing sections with less coloration and distortion in the gain and mixing sections.

• Significantly lower noise, distortion, microphonics, and other objectionable artifacts due to improved components and design improvements.

• No VCA in the input, output, or mixer sections for lowered noise, distortion and coloration

• Stereo linking capability and firmware improvements for a wide variety of mono to stereo delay effects and and stereo I/O capability

• Improved and expanded LFO capabilities.

• Lower distortion and higher accuracy BBD chain due to the addition of 5 trimmer pots to dial in the BBD recombining balance and gain stage accuracy.

• Improved high end MUX circuitry in the 6th order anti alias filters and clock removal filters for lower noise and distortion.

• Added analog click track to tap tempo tracking.

• Flexible assignable CV buss.

• Improved signal monitoring chain

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